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My Services

Hello, my name is Veronica.

Is pleased to welcome you on our site!

I am professionally engaged in healing, clairvoyance, bioenergy, parapsychology, mediumship, exorcism, and many others. My main direction of this treatment and care. Practicing for a long time and quite successfully (exclusively for reviews of my patients and clients). Below I will describe in more detail their services. If you have any questions for me related to my area, you can contact me at the following contacts.

Mail skype veronika-kareva ICQ 620184952, phone 8909414 62 87

Graduate with a degree in “Healer -bioenergoterapevt”

I have a certificate issued by the All-Russian Research Center of Traditional Folk Medicine “ENIOM” YG Halperin

together with

International Professional Medical Association of specialists of complementary and traditional medicine, psychologists and healers.

About me there is information in the register of Russian and foreign scientists, health professionals, traditional healers, leading practice and research in the field of traditional (complementary) medicine. (The register contains information about 2000 traditional medicine and healers. Registration number 17-010)
And as entered in the register “World psychics”


— Healing

— Clairvoyance

— Bioenergetics

— Parapsychology

— Mediumship

— Exorcism

— Divination by Tarot

— Past life regression

— Jumeiho

— Arithmancy

— A Love Magic



— Health (state of internal organs, internal and external background);

— Relations (the possibility of future compatibility, the probability of the birth of children);

— Situations (work, finances, personal life, etc.);

— Having any negative (evil eye, damage, spell, the crown of celibacy, a generic negative, working out karmic, etc).


—- Gastrointestinal tract, ODA (musculoskeletal), urogenital and respiratory system, skin diseases (including eczema), VSD, osteochondrosis (Porozov) rastrojstva mental, nervous disorders, sleep disorders, alcoholism, sexual system (for men, women ) and more depending on the complexity of the disease.

Spend Past life regression.

I clean and treat karma.

Spend energy sessions (cleaning, restoration, treatment).

Doing cleaning of any kind of negativity, put protection.

Spend rites:

— For good luck

— The ability to meet a soul mate in life (Bringing to life the satellite (zu))

— Bet Tracker Attraction

— “New level”

— And much more ……

Business Magic

love Magic

Viewing the Future


All services are paid! Payment after work without prepayment!

How can I help you.

Here are the main, but not the full, to contradict what I can to help you. Number of rites, rituals, techniques and methods that I use in my work quite a lot, and every magical effect is adjusted individually to the situation of a particular case.
If you have any questions related to my area, you can contact me at the following contacts:
Mail skype veronika-kareva ICQ 620184952, phone 8909414 62 87 Soc. network,,,, https: // www. personal reception temporarily lead


— Healing

— Clairvoyance

— Bioenergetics

— Parapsychology

— Mediumship

— Karmic sessions

— Hypnotic session

— Exorcism

— Divination by Tarot

— Past life regression

— Jumeiho

— Arithmancy

— A Love Magic

— Business Magic

— Rune Magic

— All kinds of rituals


Removing the negative:


-All Kinds of spoilage

-Rodovogo negative


-Suschey, Demons, entity settling, astral parasites

-Ventsa celibacy

-Pechati loneliness


– And much more


– Health



-Analysis situations


Divination by Tarot


Family and love magiya-



-Vossoedinenie family

Close, by changing

Attraction satellite (particle)



Protection, restoration of the aura, energy, protection of the family, business, eliminate energy imbalance.

money magic

-Help To find the desired work

Attraction blessings in life

Attraction Finance

Attraction luck

-Work With the money channel

Attraction opportunities (assistance in transactions, contracts, Job interview, decision making profitable to you, and more)


-Zaikanie And other problems with speech


-Problems Hair growth, the scalp, as well as hair loss

-Dyhatelnaya System (bronchitis and other inflammatory processes)



Be the support-motor apparatus

-Zhenskaya Reproductive system

-Muzhskaya Reproductive system

-Violation krovobrascheniya


-Kozhnye disease

-Alkogolizm And tobacco (depending on the situation)

-Strahi And phobias

-NOT: From drug addiction, cancer, mental disorders


– Past life regression

-Energeticheskoe Purification and recovery

-Pohudanie And rejuvenation

-Recover Metabolism

Spend rites:

Attraction of attention

-Mayachok appeal

-Raskrytie femininity

-Increase Self-esteem, self-confidence

Attraction change in life

and more

For the diagnosis requires data on who needs to look – namely, fresh photos (without any treatments, sunglasses, outsiders), full date of birth, name and question what exactly to look .Pisma without data and issues are not considered.

Diagnosis is paid, as well as other services.

Payment is made after work, the result, no pre-payment. In the case of diagnosis, the payment is made -After watching.


This post is also available in : Russian, Arabic